Are you looking for that extra special treat to give your guests, clients, and staff? This is where Kirsch comes in. He has created a show the packs small but plays massive. It is an interactive show that uses the entire audience. The Show truly combines the sweet sensation of visual candy and the spookiness of his Yoda like mind control. Kirsch will deliver to you a feeling of intellect and giddiness, both at the same time. It is a show of experiments that is not exactly planned. The audience will always determine the ending.

The show starts off with a piece of comedy magic to really grab your attention. Then he takes you on a journey of twists and turns. You think you know where you are going and then... BAM, you are somewhere else. At the end of the show, you will be walking away with so many questions, like: Is Kirsch for real? His he from this planet? How can he possibly have known that?

His stage persona is truly how he is in real life, which is: friendly, goofy, caring, tough and intuitive. When watching his show you will feel like you are his guest at a family dinner. It's not a show, It's an experience!|


Video | The Kirsch Project Mentalism Show



“Mike is amazing! Not only is he incredible at what he does, and left every child and adult completely speechless, but he is also personable, very accommodating, easy to work with and funny! Would definitely recommend him for any event!

—Erica Drossman
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“Kirsh is the best, he makes our corporate events special every year. Prior to our Christmas party we have many inquiries if Kirsch is going to show up. You want the best most entertaining magician mentalist it’s as easy as calling Kirsh.

—Corey Caneiro
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“Kirsch” is an incredible talent on so many levels. He always leaves the (small or large) crowd mystified and in awe!! Cannot wait to see him again. 5 Stars

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"Amazing performer!! And such a pleasure to work with over the years!"

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"11 years strong! That is how long Mike Kirschner has been a part of our marketing effort at the Buildings New York Show every year. His magic has captivated and engaged prospective clients to give our brand more exposure and has attracted crowds of people to our booth. It is a great way to show off your company and have some fun at the same time. He is always a class act!"

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